Web3 Domain Alliance Launches in Attempt to Bring Order to Blockchain Domains – Domain Name Wire

The group wants intellectual property rights for blockchains, and also to help protect trademarks in the domains.

A new advocacy group, Web3 Domain Alliance, launched today, backed by Unstoppable Domains and a group of smaller players in the space.

The group has two main objectives. One is to prevent name collisions in blockchain domains, which Unstoppable fought for. The other is to create a way to protect the intellectual property rights of others in blockchain domains.

Here is the commitment of the group, by his website:

Adhere to the Web3 Domain Alliance principles of developing unique and interoperable blockchain domain namespaces, NFT domains, and advocating for legal protection and market acceptance of the blockchain namespace.

To protect users and strive to develop interoperable NFT domain naming systems by promoting voluntary avoidance of namespace collisions with existing Web3 naming systems in the Web3 domain industry.

Defend the policy position that owner-operators of NFT domain registries create trademark rights in their web3 TLDs through first commercial use with market penetration.

To protect our intellectual property rights, including trademark rights, in our web3 TLDs.

Work with other Web3 Domain Alliance members to promote the advancement of Web3 Domain Alliance policy positions.

Work with other members of the Web3 Domain Alliance to advocate for recognition of NFT domains by a broad community of stakeholders and the public.

The site reiterates its main argument about obtaining intellectual property in a separate caption at the top of its website:

The Web3 Domain Alliance believes that blockchain-based Web3 generic top-level domains (“TLDs”) developed and marketed by a specific organization are intellectual property, and industry participants should respect intellectual property rights. of all blockchain naming services for the benefit of consumers. as well as apps that want to support blockchain domain functionality.

Unstoppable Domains argued that the first company to introduce and market a blockchain top-level domain name should get the exclusive rights to it. It also tried to obtain government-granted trademarks for its top-level domains, mostly without success. The United States does not issue trademarks for top-level domains. The logic boils down to this: when you see Amazon.com, you think of the Amazon brand, not the .com “brand”.

The company sued the creator of the .wallet name in Handshake and even close own .coin extension when it discovered that another entity had put a .coin on the market earlier.

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology will make it difficult to achieve this goal. Anyone can start a blockchain naming system at any time without approval from a central authority. The traditional DNS system includes ICANN, which assigns top-level domains and ensures the security and stability of the entire system.

And some of the competing blockchain naming systems aren’t run by a single company like Unstoppable Domains. Thus, the decision not to create matching top-level domains is not in the hands of a single person or entity.

Some blockchain domain proponents believe that matching top-level domain names is not a problem, given their use on different blockchains.

One of the group’s other fundamental goals, the protection of intellectual property rights in (second-tier) blockchain domains, is likely necessary for these domains to gain widespread adoption. Implementing such a system will prove difficult given the decentralized and sometimes anonymous nature of these domains.

Despite this challenge, it’s a good idea to add this to its charter. This could help the group gain support from intellectual property interests that would otherwise not be interested in the group’s mission.