Web3 companies are still buying domains – Domain Name Wire

Sedo’s end-user sales include many Web3 companies.

Web3 companies, some of which create metaverses, have purchased domains from Sedo.

The air may be deflating because of the cryptocurrency bubble and Web3, but that doesn’t mean Web3 projects aren’t moving forward. 5 of the end-user domain sales I discovered at Sedo this week were to Web3 companies.

Here is a list of end user domain name sales that have just ended at Sedo. You can check out previous lists like this here.

SEOprofiler.com $10,099 – The company that bought OpenLinkProfiler.org acquired this domain. It was an active website, but the company is rebuilding its tools from scratch. While the sale was just the domain, some of the value came from its previous use.

Smashverse.com £8,200 – Smashverse is a fighting game that includes NFTs.

YouWin .in $6,900 – Winunited Ltd. is an online game company.

GoodFoundation.org $6,900 – The Kleinert Foundation, a private family foundation whose mission is to serve people in need of luck in Dallas, has been renamed Good Foundation.

Reuniverse.com $5,995 – Reuniverse is a web3 metaverse game.

Maitec.com €5,900 – Maitec Armaturen GmbH is a manufacturer of water pumps and systems. It uses the domain maitec-armaturen.de.

E-repair.de €5,000 – E Repair is an electronic equipment repair company.

Joedex.com $5,000 – Joedex is an NFT gaming trading platform.

Photosynthetic.com $5,000 – Photosynthetic is a plant research company.

Posta.co $4,995 – Veezla Inc. provides technology to send and track physical mail checks, letters, and postcards from Salesforce. The Posta brand will be for an API service.

VCSA.com €4,800 – Vacation rental company Vacasa has purchased this domain, which matches its stock symbol, and forwards it to its investor relations page.

Just .money €3,000 – JustMoney is a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Hiboux.fr €2,800 – HiBou SARL is an IT company. He uses this domain to target French-speaking customers.

RealApp.xyz $2,995 – RealApp is a Web3 company.

FreeOnlineDomain .com $2,200 – This site claims to offer free domains, at least for the first year. The site doesn’t say much about who’s behind it, other than that they’re based in Brazil.

Millbeck.co.uk £2,000 – Millbeck is a UK-based telecommunications and IT solutions company.

FLFast.com $2,000 – Cambium Learning, Inc. provides online training services. I wonder if that’s the abbreviation for “Foreign Language Fast”.