Verisign Obtains Patent for Registering Domains Through Amazon Alexa – Domain Name Wire

The patents cover using your voice to register domains, perform Whois lookups, and more.

“Alexa, please save My Crazy New Idea dot com.”

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent number 11,451,511 (pdf) to Verisign for “Audio Systems, Apparatus, and Methods for Domain Services.”

Yes, we’re talking about using devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home to register domains, look up Whois information, and more.

Technology is changing rapidly in the area of ​​voice communication and interaction with smart devices. This opens the door to new ways to access, store and retrieve information. Illustrative voice communication devices may include Amazon Alexa (Echo/Echo Dot) and Google Home. Having the ability to interact with these voice-based communication devices opens up new avenues for delivering domain name services. Domain name services may be or include the provision of domain name suggestions, WHOIS data, Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP), etc.

So the next time you wake up late to have a drink with friends and come up with some business ideas, you won’t have to whip out your phone to save those awesome domains you’ve found. Just be sure to speak clearly.

“And by the way, did you know that I can register this domain for you through Amazon AWS?

Verisign filed for the patent in 2017, and it was granted today.