Vagon chassis domain controller

For the 2022 Gasgoo Awards, the chassis domain controller of China Vagon Automotives Holding Co., Ltd. (“Vagon”) has applied for the top 100 players in the new automotive supply chain in China.

Photo credit: Vagon

The description:

1) The chassis domain controller adopts Autosar standard architecture, which also realizes cross-platform software reuse and conforms to functional safety standards.


Photo credit: Vagon

2) Chassis domain controller is modularized in function development, including operating system module, communication module and driver module. Each module is independently developed and integrated with debugging, which is flexible and has a high module reuse rate.

3) The chassis domain controller adopts multi-channel I/O and PWM control, supports multi-channel CAN, CANFD and sub-regional OTA function upgrade, and realizes multi-channel Ethernet communication.

Unique Benefits:

1) Use a comprehensive scripting language to anchor software configuration for Autosar development

2) Flexible splitting of Autosar functional modules, with 80% module reuse rate

3) OTA function can be split and upgraded into separate functional areas

4) Achieve cross-platform software reuse on the domain controller

5) Ethernet T1 on domain controller


Unmanned Logistics Vehicles, Conventional Fuel Vehicles, New Energy Vehicles, Hybrid Vehicles


With the continuous development of the automotive electrification trend, the chassis domain controller will become more and more popular and gradually replace the traditional chassis domain single-function controllers.

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