TVS Motor launches the 2022 Raider in a new metaverse realm

Accessing young people is no mean feat these days. With their heads buried in a tablet or smartphone half the time, it’s hard to distract young people from their distractions. So why not meet them where they are, right? At least that’s what Indian motorcycle manufacturing giant TVS Motor thinks, as the brand took to the Metaverse to launch its updated 2022 Raider 125 model.

TVS didn’t tone down the pimping tone either, featuring acclaimed gamer Ujjwal Chaurasia, influencer/content creator Shlok Srivastava and music actor Armaan Malik alongside TVS presenter and SVP Marketing Aniruddha Haldar. During the nearly 22-minute unveiling, Haldar not only showcased TVS’ new Motoverse platform, but also rolled out the 2022 Raider 125.

Keeping with the theme, the Raider remains mechanically unchanged but gains a considerable technology upgrade in the form of a new five-inch TFT display. Bluetooth connectivity unlocks on-the-go call handling, music control and voice assistance for added security. The new console also automatically directs the driver to nearby gas stations when it detects low fuel levels. Users won’t be out in the cold either, as the system’s weather updates signal any upcoming conditions.

The previous generation Raider (disc brake variant) carried a price tag of ₹93,489 (US$1,125). The new TVS SmartXonnect Dashboard brings that total to ₹99,990 ($1,205). TVS’s marketing efforts don’t stop there, however.

Fans and potential buyers can enter TVS’ new Metaverse – after a short registration process and selecting a pre-made avatar – and explore at their leisure. Well, at least within the limits set by TVS. Currently, the program loops large areas of the map in order to direct users to Motoverse Auditoriums, which loop the pre-revamped launch video.

Going forward, the platform will host product experiences, play zones, and tech reviews, but it’s a virtual ghost town at the moment. The real question is, will all this Gen Z pandering happen for TVS or will young people see the TVS Motoverse as a disguised marketing ploy? Do you want to ride a digital motorbike through the strange valley? Only time will tell.