The Gucci boutique is now open at the Domaine.

Austin fashionistas, if you’re in the mood to fill your closet with lavish style, now’s the time to stock up. And the newest retailer in town can help you enjoy the best of Italian luxury.

Now officially open at The Domain: an elegant Gucci boutique spanning over 5,000 square feet that is exquisitely adorned with lush interior elements and features bespoke offerings like no other brand.

This is the first Gucci store in the Austin market and the fifth in Texas.

News first broke about the grand-scale opening of its $1.5million boutique last spring, with enthusiasts of the high-end fashion label celebrating the move – and probably also delighting in the fact that they no longer have to go to the Gucci outlet in San Marcos or other Gucci stores in San Antonio, Dallas and Houston for a shopping spree.

The new Domain boutique offers a large collection of men’s and women’s shoes, handbags, luggage, small leather goods, costume and silver jewelry, watches, eyewear, and Gucci Beauty and fragrances.

While chic products can attract shoppers, the design of the Gucci store can keep them enthralled. Aiming to evoke a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, the LEED-certified boutique is adorned with an Italian marble facade and features an understated, contemporary interior that showcases a “resolutely thrifty use of space.”

“In keeping with the sleek and contemporary eclecticism that characterizes Gucci’s collections, the store sees the combination of the traditional and the modern, the industrial and the romantic,” a statement noted. “The contrasting merchandising elements represent different design codes, combining to create curiosity, inviting customers to feel like they are constantly discovering new aspects of the store.”

In typical Gucci fashion, the vibe within the boutique is one of low-key, though there is plenty of drama unfolding. For example, the polychrome marble inlays create decorative 3D effects on the floors and the mechanical displays contrast with the rich fabrics, while the varnished elements, the velvet coverings and the layered vintage carpets add to the overall sumptuous atmosphere.

While Gucci isn’t the only high-end fashion retailer to recently make a move into Austin (Prada also plans to enter the market in the next few years), Gucci is often seen as the gold standard in luxury brands, and its entry into the capital also speaks to the changing landscape of a growing Austin.

New Gucci boutique is located at 11601 Century Oaks Terrace, suite 105, at the Estate. The store is open Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Photo courtesy of Gucci

The Gucci boutique is now open at the Domaine.