The future of tactical space domain awareness and international cooperation

Lt. Col. Matthew Lintker, commander of the 18th USSF Space Control Squadron, will speak at the Military Space Situational Awareness Conference.

LONDON, UK, March 15, 2022 / — Military Space Situational Awareness 2022 is the leading conference in Europe dedicated to space domain knowledge. With a renewed emphasis on partnership and collaboration and over 200 attendees, this event remains a must-attend event for any professional working in the field of space situational awareness.

With this in mind, Military Space Situational Awareness 2022 will feature a number of presentations devoted to the subject of tactical space domain awareness and the pace of international cooperation and deep space advanced radar capability, including:

Tactical Space Domain Awareness and International Cooperation
• 18 SPCS and its role
• Partnership as the norm: our approach
• Strategies to increase collaboration

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lintker, Commanding Officer, 18th Space Control Squadron, USSF

Deep Space Advanced Radar Capability Update (DARC)
• Provide the latest information on DARC development
• Provide DARC Tech Demo proof of concept information
• Collaboration with the British MOD

Lt. Col. Kelly Greiner, Materiel Chief, Space Domain Reconnaissance Radars, Space Systems Command, US Space Force

The 2022 brochure containing the agenda and list of speakers is available at

With each participant bringing their own knowledge and knowledge, the Military Space Situational Awareness Conference provides a unique opportunity to bring together key military, government and industry stakeholders and discuss the most relevant and pressing issues and challenges facing face the security of vital space assets.

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