Scaramouche Boss Domain Model Leaked

A new Genshin Impact leak reveals the in-game model for a new boss area that will feature the sixth Fatui Harbinger, Scaramouche.

The world of Genshin Impact is filled with various areas for players to fight in order to receive valuable rewards such as Mora, Artifacts, Ascension Materials, etc. Probably the most popular realm type is the weekly boss fights which drop talent level materials.

With the recent introduction of the new Sumeru region, players expect many boss areas to arrive in the foreseeable future. One of the most credible leakers in the Genshin Impact The community named genshinBLANK has revealed the blueprint for one of the upcoming boss areas that will feature a very popular in-game character, the sixth Fatui Harbinger known as Scaramouche.


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This will apparently be a new weekly boss area located in the main city of Sumeru. Since the ongoing 3.1 beta leaks haven’t mentioned the realm much, it’s highly unlikely to make it into the next update. Previous leaks have revealed that players will finally have the option to battle the Harbinger in Genshin Impact update 3.2. The same leaks hinted that he might also join the playable roster sooner than expected. Several replies in the comments section claim that the main battle arena shown in the left part of the image is very reminiscent of Scaramouche’s iconic hat.

He wouldn’t be the first playable character to have his own boss realm as developer HoYoverse has already featured Tartaglia and Raiden Shogun in two weekly boss fights. A few days ago a post about the popular Genshin Impact The leaked subreddit apparently revealed the Scaramouche boss model. Almost all of the boss areas in the game are divided into multiple phases, and the model apparently depicts Scaramouche in its second phase.

Scaramouche has become one of the most anticipated characters in the game since first appearing in the “Crisis Deepens” quest which was part of Act II of the game’s storyline. Popular leaks have hinted that the version of Scaramouche joining the playable roster will be very different from what players have encountered on their adventures through Teyvat. Although he was previously assumed to be an Electro character, popular leaks like hxg_diluc have revealed that he will be a new Anemo user.

As for his weapon type, Scaramouche will apparently use a catalyst. However, even though the Catalyst is generally a ranged weapon, it will apparently prefer close combat similar to popular Anemo Detective Shikanoin Heizou. Considering that the popular Dendro Archon Nahida will most likely become a playable character in Update 3.2, players can expect Scaramouche to join the playable roster in Version 3.3 which is expected to arrive around December 7th.

Genshin Impact is available for mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5, with a Nintendo Switch version also in development.

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