Raytheon Intelligence & Space demonstrates advanced multi-domain tactical communications – SatNews

Raytheon BBNa subsidiary of Raytheon Technologiesrecently presented their Robust information provisioning layer, or RIPL, solution during a Air Force Research Laboratory exercise at their Stockbridge test site in Rome, New York.

During the year, Raytheon BBN’s RIPL system enabled seamless and secure access to content for all network users, ensuring that users only received what they requested and what they were authorized to receive. see. By combining the progress of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) with advanced disruption tolerance protocols, RIPL was able to overcome the kind of limited and intermittent connectivity expected in contested environments, quickly delivering mission-critical content to those who needed it.

Raytheon BBN’s RIPL technology has been successfully used to enable secure multi-domain interoperability and information delivery to the tactical edge. RIPL has been demonstrated using multiple waveforms and hardware platforms, as well as many data formats with real and emulated components.

RIPL allows the Air Force Combat Cloud vision, which in turn will be a key catalyst for the US Air Force Advanced Combat Management System and the Joint command and control of all DoD domains vision. Work on RIPL is conducted in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Brian HolmesProgram Manager, AFRL Advanced Planning and Autonomous C2 Systems Branch, said the demonstration, which included three of the four mission divisions with AFRL/RI and two geographically separate locations, was “executed flawlessly.