Random: This massive blast of the wild Minecraft build adds Zora’s domain, Vah Ruta and more

Update [Mon 21st Nov, 2022 15:45 GMT]: You may remember that in August we were quite frankly amazed by a huge Minecraft project by Grazy which saw the builder attempt to recreate the whole breath of the wild card in glorious detail. Well, while the world is still far from complete, Grazzy has shared a new update, showing us the addition of Zora’s Domain, Divine Beast Vah Ruta, Mount Lanayru and more. a lot After.

In the latest update, Grazzy plots a course east of Kakariko Village, continuing to recreate Breath of the Wild’s highly detailed map in, well, great detail. Seeing everything we’ve got so far has us wondering if we’ve grown numb to the scope of the project, but come on, this Vah Ruta is seriously impressive – he’s got a full interior to cry aloud !

If you wanted to get a closer look at the build details, the creator also shared some images on Reddit that do a good job of showing just how big this thing really is. Check them out below.

Grazzy now thinks he’s about 25% of the way through the project – not bad for 300 hours of work. Although there is still a long way to go (we have sweaty palms right at the thought of Death Mountain), we can’t wait to see what’s next.

original article [Fri 19th Aug, 2022 20:30 BST]: Minecraft is one of those games where you can play every night for two months, build castles and intricate communities with your friends, obsess over ocean temples and find The End, and then…you don’t. not touch it at all for six months. Until one day you see someone doing something cool in Minecraft, and you think, “huh… it’s been a while. Maybe I should restart it?” And then you play every night for two months. Rinse and repeat.

I’m currently in my six-month Minecraft lull, but this amazing project might be enough to bring me back (if I wasn’t about to travel for a month, anyway).

Grazzy is a YouTuber who focuses on Minecraft, and his channel is full of Let’s Plays, tutorials, builds, and testing new features in updates. But that’s only really recently that his channel took off, catapulting him from a thousand subscribers to over 60,000 in a matter of months.

What happened? Zelda past.

Five months ago, Grazzy posted a video titled “I build EVERYTHING breath of the wild in Minecraft (#1)“, and while it didn’t do particularly well at first (especially considering the hours of work it put in), it suddenly exploded and currently sits at over a million views. But Grazzy didn’t post part two until recently… and it turns out that was because he had to start over. from zero. Ouch.

The first step in the Breath of the Wild building process in Minecraft was to import a height map to import the terrain into the blocky world of Minecraft. Very easy! The second step is to build… everything else.

In the video at the top of this article, Grazzy maps the Grand Plateau, Kakariko Village, Dueling Peaks, Fort Hateno, and Hateno Village, along with a few other nearby landmarks. Luckily, much of Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule is just vast open plains and forests, so with the help of World Edit – third-party software that allows you to easily make big changes, including the ability to copy and paste pre-built structures – Grazzy was able to fill in a lot of ground pretty quickly.

Grazzy has a long, long, looooooong way to go, of course, and the next part will be Zora’s domain and the rest of Faron’s region. The next part, he says, shouldn’t take five months – “only about two of those months I was actually working on the project” – and when that’s done, you can download the whole thing into your own Minecraft game.

Minecraft Breath of the Wild by Grazzy
The green zone is what has been built so far — Image: Grazy

What part of Breath of the Wild do you think will translate best to Minecraft? What do you think of Grazzy’s build so far? And do you think this card will be ready before Breath of the Wild 2 spell? Tell us in the comments!