Radix Brings Nearly $6 Million in Premium Revenue for 2021 – Domain Name Wire

2021 revenue is up sharply compared to 2020.

New premium Radix listings in H2 2021 by price tier.

Today, top-level domain company Radix released its Premiums Report (pdf) for the second half of 2021.

The company reported $2.98 million in retail bonus revenue, a record for any half year. It was slightly higher than the first half of 2021 when it grossed $2.91 million. In total, Radix estimates retail revenue from its premium domains brought in nearly $6 million in 2021, up significantly from around $4 million in 2020.

Radix himself keeps some of it; it estimates gross revenue based on what registrars charge.

Note that Radix charges a higher than normal fee for initial premium registration and renewals.

For the second half of 2021, .tech was the top TLD for new premium registrations. The first 3 were:

.tech – 332 new bounties – $335,000

.store – 290 new bounties – $247,000

.online – 202 new bounties – $171,000

These three elements are also the most valuable from a renewal revenue perspective, although .online is more powerful than .store:

.tech – $477,000 in renewal revenue

.online – $447,000 in renewal revenue

.store – $310,000 in renewal revenue

70% of premiums sell for $500 or less. On the other end of the spectrum, Radix sold 16 domains in the second half of 2021 at around $10,000 retail and two at $25,000 retail.

GoDaddy accounted for 40% of new premium signups, followed by Namecheap (22%) and Google (11%).