Quik.com aspires to become the global leader in Crypto NFT domain transactions

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In the traditional Internet, Web 2.0, domain names were a gold mine. Some of the best domain names have been sold for millions of dollars; Likewise, NFT domains could be huge in Web 3.0.

The latest market data also suggests an increase in search volume for the decentralized internet over the past few months. This could be an indication of the widespread adoption of blockchain platforms.

Internet decentralization is made up of different ideas working towards the same goal, bypassing third parties, including tech giants like Google and Meta. The goal is to give users control and ownership of the Internet.

However, one of the biggest problems with Web 3.0 and blockchain platforms is that they cannot be accessed through traditional web browsers. This is where blockchain domains play a vital role in catalyzing its adoption.

The NFT domains available in the Quik Marketplace fulfill the core mission of the next internet revolution. They provide the simplicity needed to push the mainstream adoption of blockchain platforms into Web 3.0. It makes ownership direct to end users without intermediaries.

“Cryptographic domain names are one of the most important developments towards the decentralized web. They have the potential to revolutionize the way we use the internet with increased transparency, functionality and security. We built Quik to lead this evolution and overcoming obstacles to Web 3.0 novelties”,

said Sahil Kohli, CEO of Quik.com.

Simplify Web 3.0 with NFT domains

NFT domains that you buy or mint on the Quik Market are stored in a public registry. You can use them to streamline your crypto transactions by replacing long alphanumeric crypto wallet addresses with easy-to-remember domain names.

Quik Crypto Domains can also revolutionize Web 3.0 by replacing complicated IP addresses like traditional domain names. Besides their ease of use as universal names, the decentralized nature of the blockchain also makes these domain names censorship-resistant.

Once you purchase NFT domains, you are its sole controller. Below are some other key features of Quik blockchain domains, once the whole ecosystem is online:

No need to periodically renew your NFT domain name

Use Quik NFT domains as URLs for online portals through the Interplanetary File System (IPFS)

Build decentralized platforms and applications on top

“With their versatile functionality and decentralized nature, we believe that crypto domains have the potential to realize our vision of a truly decentralized Internet,”

added the CEO of Quik.

The majority of Quik users buy NFT domains to use as personal identities. They use a single domain name to replace complicated crypto wallet addresses.

In addition to simplifying transactions, you can also use blockchain domain names to host your own Web 3.0 sites and develop applications on them.

As with traditional domains, combined with the non-fungible nature of crypto domains, you can take advantage of its scarcity as an alternative investment.

Reselling attractive NFT domain names on the secondary market could be lucrative. Quik will also pay you 5% royalties on all future sales of your created blockchain domains.

Get the Early Mover benefit with Quik

“For a long time, Web 3.0 was just a theory. However, with the introduction of NFT domains, blockchain technology and smart contracts, it is likely to flourish in the near future,”

Kohli pointed out.

And when that happens, the forerunners are poised to gain the greatest advantage.

And with Quik, you’ll get additional distinct benefits:

  • Quik is simple, intuitive and fast without any third-party intervention
  • It offers the infrastructure your business needs to move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

You can get your favorite NFT domain names using several extensions available for typing on Quik. Now, Quik offers .chain, .vr domains, .metaverse domains, .doge, .shib, .web3, .address, .bored and .btc. Kohli revealed that Quik plans to launch more TLDs as the platform grows.

Users can use any term they want with these extensions to turn them into crypto domains. They can also use the site to search for available NFT domain names that have been provided by peers, which they can then add to the public ledger.

fast also allows users to perform blockchain transactions to sell or acquire traditional domain names on Quik’s marketplace for better security and transparency.

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