Owl Cyber ​​Defense Announces V3CDS Multi-Domain Streaming

Columbia, MD, Nov. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Owl Cyber ​​Defense Solutions (“Owl”), the global market leader in cross-domain security and data diode array hardware solutions, today announced the launch of its first Cross-Domain Multi-Domain (CDS) solution – V3CDS. V3CDS is a versatile and scalable transfer CDS designed for voice, video teleconferencing (VTC), motion video (FMV) and structured data (XML) streaming and collaboration across up to 12 or more domains (depending on requirements). requirements and performance upgrades). The solution also provides a flexible, easy-to-manage user interface for comprehensive administration across all domains and support for remote monitoring and management. Currently in Laboratory Safety Assessment Testing (LBSA), V3CDS is available for purchase in Early Access.

“We are extremely excited to bring V3CDS to market,” said Ken Walker, President and CEO of Owl. “Its multi-domain enterprise cyber defense capabilities are in increasing demand as US government networks and systems are increasingly consolidated, virtualized and pushed to the cloud. V3CDS will enable our federal customers to stream and collaborate with voice, VTC, video and data across multiple classified or unclassified networks in real time with RTB compliant content filtering, all from a single platform. -unified CDS form.

Built on Owl’s revolutionary, certified cross-domain technology for voice and video, V3CDS enables flexible concurrent calling and data sharing across multiple classified and/or coalition networks in real time. Although based on similar technology, V3CDS is not simply a newer version of Owl’s other cross-domain voice and video solution, V2CDS, but a new CDS class for Owl. V2CDS was designed as a point-to-point solution (which can be architected to connect multiple domains), while V3CDS is designed as a modern multi-domain solution for scalable collaboration (by domain and call volume), user-friendly, with enterprise-ready monitoring and administration across multiple network domains and multiple federated sites.

“V3CDS represents a historic moment for Owl and the next technological leap forward for cross-domain solutions,” commented Michael Blake, chief architect at Owl. “It brings together many features that the market demands, not only in its multi-functional and multi-domain architecture, but also in the ability to easily administer policies and monitor all connections. This type of solution will sooner or later become the industry standard for CDS.

Available today (Limited ITAR export to FVEY partners) and already shipped to a number of Early Access customers, V3CDS enables UDP, SIP, RTP, H.263, H.264 and XML voice, video, FMV and ISA C2 transfer, with a 6U 3- domain architecture. FMV capability also supports RTSP and MPEG-TS, metadata in Key Length Value (KLV) format, and geofencing – applying sharing rules based on where the camera is pointed. V3CDS is expected to complete LBSA testing in Q3 2023.

For more information, Owl will be exhibiting V3CDS at DoDIIS World ConferenceDecember 12-15 in San Antonio, TX or visit owlcyberdefense.com.


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