NYSEG Holds Public Hearing on Delhi Eminent Domain | New

New York State Electric & Gas plans to expand its Fraser substation and reroute some of its transmission lines in the cities of Delhi and Hamden.

“New York State Electric and Gas is initiating multi-year energy upgrades, collectively called the Brightline BES (Bulk Electric System) initiative to ensure compliance with a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission order,” said said Kelly Packard, corporate communications manager for Avangrid, in a previous post.

FERC established a “Brightline” order for reliability standards for electrical transmission systems operating at 100 kV and above in 2010, according to the NYSEG website.

NYSEG is in the first phase of the Brightline BES initiative, which involves building a new green field north of the Fraser substation on Hamden Hill Road near Fraser, Packard said. “The Oneonta South Improvement Project is progressing on schedule for the project,” she said. “Phase 1, Fraser Substation Upgrades, is under construction and progressing as planned.”

The project has five other phases, which include re-routing of transmission lines, construction of new transmission lines, upgrading of Delhi substation on Sherwoods Road and reconstruction of a transmission line, the majority of which will be in the city of Delhi, with a small part in the city of Hamden, the website said.

“This project will enhance reliability with the provision of a second emergency transmission source for NYSEG’s Oneonta South service area,” she said.

Part of the project would cross 9.79 acres of property in the city of Delhi along Hamden Hill Road, Gray Road and West Platner Brook Road, which is owned by Emerald Isle, LLC, according to a NYSEG legal announcement. Serena Orleski, director of the easements program at the Watershed Agricultural Council, said the plots in question had conservation easements since 2011. The properties also have timber easements, which allow owners to operate their property while maintaining land wooded, she said. Plans proposed by NYSEG would eliminate the forest and the landowner would no longer be able to afforest their land, she said.

NYSEG held a public hearing on the acquisition of the plots through eminent domain on August 23 in Delhi. Kathleen Bennett, who represented NYSEG, and Ryan Naatz, executive director, Serena Orleski, easement program director, and Wayland Gladstone, chair of the Watershed Agricultural Council’s easements committee, spoke at the public hearing, Packard said. . The eminent domain proceeding relates to two phases of the project: Phase 2, the rerouting of 115 kV transmission lines, and Phase 5, the new 46 kV 841 transmission line, she said.

The easements committee voted 4-2 in favor of the NYSEG plan, but a unanimous vote is needed to pass resolutions, Packard said.

Orleski said committee members who voted “no” were concerned about protecting water quality and felt the plans presented by NYSEG would not protect the property’s waterways, and that they worried about the economic viability of the property.

For more information on the project, visit, http://www.oneontasouthnyseg.com/index.htm