NOBO Technologies IDC3.0 Autonomous Driving Domain Controller

For the 2022 Gasgoo Awards, NOBO Technologies’ IDC3.0 Autonomous Driving Domain Controller has applied for the Top 100 New Automotive Supply Chain Players in China.

Product: IDC3.0 Autonomous Driving Domain Controller

The description

Based on Qualcomm 8540+9000 platform with 5nm technology;

Support L3/4 level autonomous driving function (driving mode: end-to-end autonomous driving, etc. Parking mode: valet parking);

Support display and video recording function.

Photo credit: NOBO Technologies

Unique Benefits

Platform design;

Support multiple scenarios for OTA update of driving mode and parking mode;

Fusa and Cybersecurity;

Powerful computing capacity, 360Tops for single controller and up to 1440Tops for expansion;

Centimeter precision position;

Powerful data feedback function.


This solution covers multiple scenes and realizes the autonomous driving function of L4 and above.

The driving domain supports freeways, highways, ramps, tunnels, city roads, and more, providing an end-to-end autonomous driving experience that can be taken away from your hands and eyes. The parking domain supports in-ground, underground, above-ground parking lots, vertical parking lots, parallel parking lots, inclined parking lots, etc., bringing AVP (autonomous valet parking), gesture call car and other new parking technologies.


Nobo Technologies’ highly integrated autonomous driving domain controller solution will reduce the cost of system adaptation communication during ECU development. The powerful system resources greatly improve the flexibility and scalability of the solution, and facilitate the overall performance upgrade of the solution. The architecture of the electronic and electrical network that can adapt to future connectivity and the intelligent vehicle improves the life cycle of the solution.

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