.NG domain name prices crash by more than 40%, says NiRA chairman – TechEconomy.ng

Internet Registration Association of Nigeria (NiRA) reduced the price of the .NG domain by more than forty percent (40%).

NiRA is responsible for maintaining the database of names registered in the .ng country code top-level domain (ccTLD) namespace in the public interest of Nigeria and the global Internet community.

Our results show that the .NG domain name sold for between N11,000 and N13,500, depending on the registrar. However, NiRA has reduced the price to N5,500.

Like the currency, the Naira and the telephone code +234, .ng is the Nigerian identity online.

Domains registered on this domain chain therefore have several advantages, including geographic targeting and reducing capital flight, as well as contributing to the local economy.

Many efforts have been made by the .ng managers of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) on behalf of the Nigerian government, to continuously increase access to .ng domains, for the promotion of online expertise and businesses .

NiRA partners with over seventy (70) accredited companies known as Registrars and conducts Reseller Empowerment Programs (which are even closer to the grassroots) to make these names domain no longer available.

In recent times, initiatives such as the ability for domain names registered with errors to be corrected within 24 hours at no cost to the registrant as well as the opening of previously closed .ng channels such as .net.ng have dramatically increased the number of businesses that can make themselves available online using a .ng domain.

This month, in addition to the above, the NiRA Board of Directors approved the reduction of the price of .ng domains to the second level, further encouraging the public to register the domains.

The Nigerian internet space has gone wild with this new development, with NiRA accredited registrars sending out broadcasts to their customers stating that the price of .ng domains has now come down.

According to Mr. Muhammed Rudman, Chairman of NiRA, the price cut of around 40% furthers the government’s program for the growth of Nigeria’s digital economy, overseen by Prof. Isa Pantami, the Honorable Minister of Communications and the Digital Economy.

Nigerian Internet Registration Association - NIRA

Muhammed Rudman, Chairman of the Nigerian Internet Registration Association – NIRA

Rudman explained that NiRA operates a 3-R (Registry/Registry/Licensor) operations model and encouraged members of the public to take advantage of the price reduction and contact NiRA-accredited registrars for registration of non-premium .ng domain names.

He added that “in the coming days, as more and more accredited registrars update their various platforms, the price reduction on the purchase of .ng domain names would have the effect desired to increase the number of active .ng domains online, promoting the nation’s online identity.

Mr. Toba Obaniyi, Managing Director of Accredited .ng Registrar WhoGoHost Limited, also advised businesses to adopt the domain name.

Toba Obaniyi, WhoGoHost

Toba Obaniyi, WhoGoHost

“The importance of a domain name to your digital identity cannot be overstated. “For example, ‘Google prefers to provide you with results using google.com.ng when you search for information in Nigeria. Interestingly, Google has both com. ng and .ng, extensions indicating a forward-looking company. We must adopt Nigerian commodities to increase the strength of the Naira,” he said.