, Acquired for $2 Million, Launches Website – Domain Name Wire

The site promises to be an NFT “hub and marketplace”. has just launched its site and is offering “Genesis Keys” to the public.

One of the most reported domain name purchases last year launched its website.

Multimedia options sold to Immutable Holdings, Inc. last year for $2 millionlanding at No. 6 on last year sales chart. The domain has been dormant ever since.

But this week, Immutable Holdings launched the site. In an email to potential customers (investors?), the company announced that would be a hub and marketplace for non-fungible tokens. He says he won’t have any venture capitalists or sponsors, only Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). It’s a bit weird since Immutable Holdings is a publicly traded company that is accountable to its shareholders.

He invites people to buy one of his 10,000 “Genesis Keys”. He says it’s not just art collections, but “these are the keys to the NFT realm that will allow you to shape the future of the digital renaissance.” Additionally, he says, “As a Genesis Key owner, you will first gain access to the platform and write the history and legacy of what the NFT community stands for. Because it’s not up to us to decide what that future looks like.

I’m not entirely sure what benefits you get from being a keyholder. But you can queue to buy one.