Namecheap Leads the Legal Crackdown on Unstoppable Domains – Domain Name Wire

The company’s Namebase business is funding a legal challenge.

NameBase, a handshake domain platform owned by domain registrar Namecheap, is funding a legal challenge from Unstoppable Domains.

Unstoppable Domains sued NameBase rival Gateway Registry after Gateway began offering .wallet domains in the Handshake system. Unstoppable offers a competing .wallet extension on its own platform.

Gangway quickly folded. Then Scott Florcsk, owner of the .wallet domain name in Handshake, appealed for help from the community to help fight back.

Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall hinted on Twitter that his company would help fight back:

Florsck has asked to intervene in Unstoppable Domains’ lawsuit against Gateway, and he’s also filed a separate lawsuit.

Today, Florsck informed the court that Namebase is funding his legal challenge. In return for Florsck’s funding, Namebase will receive a share of any value received from the monetization or disposition of Florcsk’s .wallet top-level domain and a share of recoveries, either by settlement or judgment, obtained by Florcsk in the in related litigation.

Namebase does not have approval rights for disputes or settlement decisions.

Unstoppable Domains probably thought they were an easy target with their lawsuit against Gateway. Now he has a much more formidable enemy.