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The Astral puzzles in Genshin Impact’s The Ancient Azure Stars quest are some of the toughest obstacles in Summertime Odyssey. This Astral Puzzles solutions guide explains how to solve the four puzzles of the Mona domain.

There are several additional and optional astral puzzles in Mona’s domain, and we’ll be updating in the coming days to include those solutions as well!


Mona’s Estate Puzzle Guide

Follow the guide below to solve the constellation puzzles in Mona’s domain.

Asterism Shard Puzzle 1 Answers

Each puzzle follows a pattern where you insert two asterism fragments into a pedestal to match the constellation on the wall, then manipulate the devices in the next room so they create a pattern of beams that match the constellation on the roof.

The quest tells you the first Shard puzzle, and you just need to place the upper and lower shards in the correct place.


Solution of the astral puzzle 1

Head to the next room and look up. The constellation you see in the sky is what you need to match on the ground.

It’s also slightly mirrored – what looks like the bottom dot is actually the top dot – so keep that in mind for future puzzles too!

For this one, you need to create a triangle with branches at the bottom and on both sides, but the way the beams generate means you need to get a little creative with how you position each device.

Follow the star once you complete the puzzle and jump into the master bedroom pool for a new scene and passive gameplay.

Asterism Shard Puzzle 2 Answers

You find yourself on the island once Mona’s segment is over, tasked with finding the location indicated in the scrying glass. You don’t really have to search unless you want to, because you can just follow the quest and follow the marker.


Once you’ve collected the new shard, return to Mona’s domain. The hat-shaped constellation is next, but you don’t have the right shards for it. Move on to the next one instead, the one that vaguely resembles a deer.

Solution of the astral puzzle 2

The second astral puzzle is much trickier because you can’t actually see the constellation. What you can do is interact with the yellow star on the stone near the bottom of the room and follow it to get a vague idea of ​​the shape required.

Or just use the image below.

Follow the star and enter the central chamber pool again, before returning to the island as before.


Asterism Shard Puzzle 3 Answers

The search for the next fragment follows the same pattern as before. Follow the quest, explore the site, and return to the domain when you’re ready. You still don’t have the shard for the Hat Constellation, so head to the next one instead.

Solution of the astral puzzle 3

The next puzzle is a bit confusing until you get the right angle on it. If you look at the barrier at the end of the room, you see what the final constellation should look like – two connected lines joined in the center.

Solution of the astral puzzle 4

Once you have the final shard, interact with the pedestal near the Hat Constellation and enter the final room. This astral puzzle is a bit simpler, again, after getting the orientation right, since you’re essentially making a rounded triangle with the upper devices all pointing towards its tip.


Follow the star once again for a lengthy cutscene with Mona and a rather vague separate quest: Sixteen Destiny.

Once you clear Mona’s domain for good, you unlock her associated Phantom Realm challenges, which you can earn Primogems and more for completing.

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