Launch of Web3 Domain Alliance to protect users’ digital identities

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Lisbon, Portugal, November 2, 2022, Chainwire

Newly Formed Member-Driven Alliance Will Support Development of Web3 Domains and Combat Bad Actors, Cybersquatting and Domain Collisions in Web3

Today, the Web3 Domain Alliance was formed – a new coalition that aims to promote the technological advancement and interoperability of Web3 domain registries and improve the experience of Web3 users. The alliance will seek to prevent malicious phishing attacks, malicious actors impersonating Web3 “top-level domains” (W3TLDs), cybersquatting, and Web3 domain collisions. The member-driven group includes major players in blockchain and Web3 naming, including Unstoppable Domains (.crypto, .nft, .x, .wallet, .bitcoin, .dao, .888, .zil and .blockchain), bonfida (.floor), Tezos Domains (.tez), Polka dot naming system (.point), Hedera (.hbar), Sycoin (.sys) and (.klay) that work together to ensure the protection of Web3 domain names. This cross-chain coalition includes naming systems on the Polygon, Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, Polkadot, Hedera, and Klayton blockchains.

While traditional Web2 domain names are organized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a US non-profit organization responsible for coordinating namespace databases, there is no such governing body or alliance in Web3. Web3 domains, such as sandy.nft, nate.hbar, or sarah.sol, provide an infrastructure that allows users to own their Web3 identity and data on the Internet. With the explosion in demand for Web3 domains, there are still no established industry standards to prevent issues such as fraud or name collisions within Web3. In addition to working alongside Web3 industry stakeholders to shape these standards, the Web3 Domain Alliance aims to proactively engage in discussions with ICANN to increase awareness and recognition of W3TLDs by ICANN.

A Web3 domain is an essential part of a person’s Web3 digital identity. It can be used, among other things, to send and receive cryptocurrency in place of long alphanumeric wallet addresses, providing the holder with an easy-to-read Web3 domain, such as sandy.nft. A Web3 domain can also be used for website hosting, secure email transfer, and as a single sign-on method for many apps, games, metaverses, and more. Web3 domains are created on the blockchain and stored in a user’s wallet, putting more control in the hands of the owner.

Companies also recognize the benefit of using branded W3TLDs, such as “.blockchain” or “.klever”, and the Web3 Domain Alliance is committed to collaborating on ways to not only protect their intellectual property rights, but also to protect users so they can confidently interact with their favorite brands in Web3.

The Web3 Domain Alliance strives to standardize and protect existing and future Web3 domain names and prevent bad actors from introducing name collisions, making it difficult for users to navigate this new technology and trust those with whom they interact. Among other initiatives, the Web3 Domain Alliance will work to align the intellectual property rights of all Web3 naming services and how best to avoid harm to consumers.

Members of the Web3 Domain Alliance will work together to promote the development of the Web3 naming industry. They will also commit to educating consumers, regulators and industry stakeholders about the distinctiveness, technological innovation and utility of Web3 domains, and advocate for reasonable governance and recognition of Web3 naming services. by browsers, technology partners, Web2 companies and other stakeholders.

“As a member of the Web3 Domain Alliance, we are committed to helping protect users’ Web3 identities, ensuring that Web3 adheres to the best possible global standards and practices,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief of Unstoppable Domains. “We are still in the dial-up phase of Web3 and many are still working to understand the space. The Alliance is essential in supporting the development of our space so that people can safely explore Web3.

“We believe that an alliance of this nature is important to protect the domain names of tomorrow. We have a responsibility in this industry to create a safe Web3 environment to ensure widespread adoption. The Web3 Domain Alliance aims to protect the integrity of the industry and fight against malicious activities that can threaten our industry,” said bonfida.sol.

“As part of the Web3 Domain Alliance, Tezos Domains will leverage its proven technology and expertise to help coordinate and regulate the rapidly growing Web3 domain space and enable Web3 enthusiasts around the world to participate in a healthy and equitable ecosystem,” added Andrew Paulicek, Founder. Tezos domains.

“Web3 is based on the principles of decentralization, inclusiveness and fairness, so organizations such as the Web3 Domain Alliance are of paramount importance if we are to unlock its full potential, while simultaneously ensuring that users can enjoy the most seamless, engaging and multi-channel experience,” explained Ryan Ye, co-founder of PNS (Polkadot Naming Service).

“The need for a Web3 domain alliance reflects the importance of community in everything we do. Providers can and should work together to avoid confusion and clutter across domains. This will allow us to have a truly global and inclusive where users are in control of their identity. It can help connect us all,” said Nate Western, Co-Founder and Head of Web3 at pieFi and Hash Name Service (on Hedera).

Applications, games, metaverses and naming systems interested in getting involved in the Web3 Domain Alliance can contact at [email protected] or visit to learn more.

About Web3 Domain Alliance

Founded in 2022, the Web3 Domain Alliance is a member-driven organization dedicated to improving the technology and public policy environment for users of Web3 naming services. It exists to promote the development of the Web3 naming industry and the operation of Web3 domain registries with and through traditional and blockchain-based web applications. The Web3 Domain Alliance is also dedicated to the technological advancement and interoperability of Web3 domain registries.


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