Jujutsu Kaisen launches extension of Megumi’s estate

Jujutsu kaisen debuted with Megumi Fushigoro’s own version of the Domain Expansion! Domain Extension was introduced at the start of Gege Akutami’s original series as the ultimate technique type for Jujutsu Wizards and Cursed Spirits, as it distorts the area around them to further strengthen their respective Cursed Techniques. While we had seen a few powerful versions in action in the previous series, the last episode really took things to a new level by bringing one of the main trios into this ultimate technique as Megumi finally launched her own expansion of domain.

With Jujutsu KaisenWith the first anime season coming to an end, the penultimate episode of the season showed the fight the previous series promo had promised for Megumi. He exceeded his limits and reached his domain extension, Chimera Shadow Garden. It’s not only a boost to his power, but also his delicate nature in combat. Check it out:

Megumi was completely struggling with this mission when it was revealed that not only did this curse have ties to her college past, but that it had inflicted on her sister as well. With her troubled sister, Megumi is pushed to the brink when he finds himself separated from Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki. The two end up battling against completely unexpected threats, which ends up leaving Megumi alone when he meets the surprisingly strong Cursed Spirit.

Recalling his recent training with Gojo in which he was told to stop holding back so much (and thus he will have the same growth potential as Yuji), Megumi decides to go for it. Tossing caution into the wind for her first real-time for the series, Megumi’s Domain Expansion plunges the entire area into shadow and summons multiple copies of her various summons, but can also be used as a shadow clone. . This is enough to fortunately bring down his opponent.

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