Jujutsu Kaisen: every domain extension revealed so far

Wizards and curse users Jujutsu kaisen each has very different cursed techniques with unique activation requirements and effects. However, regardless of the cursed technique, their ultimate attacks manifest in the same form. Domain extensions are the pinnacle of jujutsu witchcraft. When activated, they create a separate space with barrier techniques and fill them with the wizard’s innate realm.

In these spaces, the cursed techniques of the caster are amplified and in some cases, it is impossible for those trapped in the Domain to escape. Other areas set specific rules for those in them to follow, with penalties for those who break them, regardless of the thrower. Each domain revealed in Jujutsu kaisen has so far distinctive features that make them particularly deadly. Here’s what they are and what they do.

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Chimera Shadow Garden – Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi using domain extension

Megumi might not be a Zenin in name, but he certainly has the talents of the clan. He first created his domain extension without any prior attempt just by wanting to and has since progressed in his mastery of jujutsu witchcraft by leaps and bounds.

Within his domain extension, his already versatile Ten Shadows technique has its limitations completely removed. Chimera Shadow Garden allows Megumi to simultaneously summon an unlimited number of shikigami and even create duplicates of himself from a solid shadow.

Since his domain extension is technically just a giant shadow, Megumi himself and his shikigami can emerge from anywhere inside. Domain extensions ensure that its launcher’s attack hits its target, even if it tries to block it. In Megumi’s case, you might not even see it coming.

Infinite Void – Satoru Gojo

Gojo's blue eyes

As if Satoru Gojo weren’t terrifying enough, his domain extension really takes the function of instant domain destruction to another level. While other domain extensions ensure the success of an attack, Infinite Void itself is the attack. Once caught in, Satoru’s victim is assaulted by an endless barrage of all kinds of stimuli.

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The endless information provided to those trapped in the realm is courtesy of Satoru’s boundless technique, which gives him full control over all aspects of space. Naturally, everyone inside Infinite Void is crippled with overstimulation and is completely at the mercy of Satoru. In Infinite void, the only way to escape the effects of Limitless is to be in direct physical contact with Satoru himself, although this often means the battle has already been decided.

Horizon of the captivating Skandha – Dagon

Other than a deep sense of affection between Dagon and his fellow Cursed Spirit, little is known about the Cursed Water Spirit. Dagon’s domain, Horizon of The Captivating Skandha isn’t inherently dangerous unless he wants to. Before he emerged from his Cursed Belly as a mature Cursed Spirit, he was used as a base of operations for his teammates, but Dagon ultimately revealed his full potential in battle.

During the Shibuya Incident, Dagon trapped three wizards, all first years or older, in his domain extension. It takes the form of a picturesque island paradise surrounded by large volumes of water. Water is an integral part of its attack, as it summons thousands of shikigami ocean monsters from its depths into waves that invade opponents and bite them to death.

Cemetery Domain – Smallpox Deity

The smallpox deity was another cursed spirit who took part in the Shibuya incident. As he was summoned by Kenjaku to take care of the Grade 1 wizard, Mei-Mei, his abilities are certainly not to be underestimated. Her tombstone technique is one of the deadliest abilities introduced in the series to date, and when used in conjunction with her domain expansion, it would result in the instant death of any lesser wizard.

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The graveyard domain is fairly straightforward as the domain expands. It just ensures that his near-fatal cursed technique hits its mark. He begins his attack by trapping his opponent in a vertical coffin. Once this condition is met, the smallpox deity conjures up a gigantic gravestone that pushes the coffin underground. Once buried, his victim has only three seconds to escape both the coffin and the gravestone before they contract smallpox and instantly perish. Mei Mei was able to escape because she had her brother, Ui Ui, as a backup, but for most wizards, facing Graveyard Domain alone would spell the end.

Iron Mountain Coffin – Jogo

Jogo’s domain extension is similar to Satoru’s; they both have passive effects capable of neutralizing opponents without even lifting a finger. While Infinite Void paralyzes opponents through overstimulation, The Iron Mountain’s Coffin opts for a more brutal strategy, incinerating any intruders.

The extension of the Jogo domain takes the form of the interior of a volcano. For most wizards, the temperature would kill them the instant they were trapped there. As expected, Jogo’s fiery attacks are significantly more powerful in his domain. His varied attacks include ember bugs, mini volcanoes, and the meteorite he used against Sukuna are guaranteed to hit their target if they survive the heat. This is easily one of the most powerful domain extensions in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Embodiment of Perfection – Mahito

Mahito transfigures a victim

Mahito’s domain extension is another that almost guarantees an instant win upon successful activation. His cursed inactive Transfiguration technique allows him to alter the souls of any human he comes into direct contact with, but his domain negates the need for physical contact with his target.

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For all intents and purposes, anyone trapped in the embodiment of perfection is in the palm of Mahito’s hand and he is able to shape his soul however he sees fit. The Domaine’s only weakness is Mahito himself. He must actively choose to activate his effects as they don’t instantly apply to those trapped inside. As he likes to savor the battle and his opponents instead of instantly finishing them off, the seconds he takes to gloat can be exploited but only by a wizard who can afford to counter his domain.

Evil Sanctuary – Ryomen Sukuna

Sukuna using her domain extension technique.

Each domain extension is unique, but Ryomen’s really stands out. When activated, it manifests its innate realm without first using a barrier technique to create a separate space. Being able to do among other things is a testament to her vast stores of Cursed Energy and enhances the effects of her Cursed Technique on those within range.

Allowing an opponent the opportunity to escape creates a compelling wish for the expansion of Ryomen’s domain. Its already sharp dismantling technique becomes capable of cutting even the toughest opponents. When Sukuna manifested her realm before a cursed spirit of special quality, Dismantle instantly split it into more pieces than Sukuna intended to cut. As long as its target is within range of Malevolent Shrine, it is not immune to its attacks, regardless of its cursed energy level.

Death Sentence – Hiromi Higuruma

Higuruma using his domain extension in Jujutsu Kaisen

Hiromi’s domain extension is another with some unique properties, and perhaps the most complicated one yet. Instead of the guaranteed success that most offer their users, Deadly Sentencing prevents the use of violence by anyone caught inside. He manifests a courtroom in which Hiromi’s adversary is tried for some random felony or misdemeanor he has committed during his lifetime. The accused has the possibility to remain silent, to confess or to deny, as well as the possibility of giving his version of events. Hiromi’s shikigami judge decides the final sentence.

Hiromi also plays an active role in her opponent’s trial. When he activates his domain, he also gets some inconclusive evidence related to the case. Once the accused presents his case, his story is compared to Hiromi’s evidence and Judgeman makes the final decision. A guilty verdict often results in the judge removing their cursed technique and Hiromi carrying out their self-imposed sentence.

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