Jujutsu Kaisen details the puzzling expansion of Hakari’s domain

Jujutsu Kaisen has unleashed Kinji Hakari’s admittedly complicated domain expansion technique with the newest chapter in the series! The Culling Game arc has reached a new phase as series creator Gege Akutami shifts the fighting focus to Hakari in Tokyo’s No. 2 Colony. After getting to see some of the first notable fights in the other colonies so far, fans finally got to see more of Hakari in action after he and Panda entered Colony #2 in a bid to get as many points as possible to help Megumi’s sister. But Hakari found himself facing a rather strange opponent.

As Hakari’s first real fight in the Culling Game begins, he finds himself facing mangaka Charles Bernard. This new fighter has a strange ability that allows him to see a few seconds into the future, and Hakari already found himself grappling with this new opponent as Bernard was able to counter each of his physical attacks. To level the playing field and perhaps end the fight as soon as possible, the previous chapter of the series announced that it would launch its full domain expansion, Idle Death Game. Turns out it’s quite complicated.

While previous chapters of the series had teased that Hakari’s cursed technique had to do with opening and closing subway doors, it turns out that chapter 183 expands that with a domain expansion that brings those doors up. metro to a whole new level. Injecting him with his usual love of gambling, his domain extension actually follows the rules of a pachinko machine. Without getting into the nitty-gritty of the technique itself which was explained over two pages filled with complicated luck and compatibility rules, the heart of the technique involves Hakari being empowered by the lucky throws of his domain.

Matching certain characters (which are taken from the in-universe manga series, CR Private Pure Love Train) gives him certain bonuses, and he tries to get a jackpot for the one-shot full nature of domain extensions in his outfit. It’s revealed that Hakari himself is so lucky that he’s never had to do more than 30 rolls (which luck-wise is incredibly rare), and the chapter’s final moments see that reflected. with a projection of the pachinko machine playing a major role. moment in history influenced by manga underground.

It’s an extremely complicated technique, and fitting for a series like this that only makes the techniques even more complicated as the Culling Game goes on. But what do you think? What do you think of Hakari’s domain extension? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!