InterNetX/Sedo’s Comprehensive 2022 Global Domains Report Leaves No Detail Behind

The report breaks down legacy TLDs (.com, .net, and .org), ccTLDs, new gTLDs, geo TLDs, and City TLDs. It dives into areas related to crypto and NFT, the booming secondary market, registrar and registry results, as well as special topics like blockchain, the effect of Brexit on domains and more. The information is all presented in an attractive and easily accessible graphics-rich layout and is so voluminous that you must marvel at the amount of work it takes to get it all done.

Hakan AliCMO & CSO at InterNetX & Sedo, noted that “2021 has been a sensational year
with 4 million domains registered and a 15% increase in domain sales. While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented several challenges to the global economy and people around the world, the domain industry has continued to move forward without slowing down, benefit from the new push of digitizationembracing new trends and opening doors to new applications.”

Thomas MorzCEO of InternetX, added, “2021 has been another banner year for the domain industry. Our premium sales and market skyrocketed 173%. The ccTLD .ofone of the most successful domain extensions in the world, has reached the milestone of 17 million registered domains. Meanwhile secondary market domain prices have increased exponentially. The report includes the chapter Central facts and figureswhich examines key data and facts from all TLDs, while laying the groundwork for a deep dive into the industry of In-depth information chapter. We are also looking at the secondary market, with Michael RobrockCEO of, noting that “increased demand for domains has led to higher domain prices, especially for premium domains.”

Reports Target topics Take a closer look at the rise of blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse, a development that has sparked further interest in domains as digital assets. To see all the ground covered in this post, you’ll want to get a full copy of your own. Congratulations to the InterNetX and Sedo teams for the tremendous work done in assembling, analyzing and sharing this information.