ICANN: DNS abuse is… decreasing? – Domain name thread

ICANN’s analysis suggests that DNS abuse may not be spiraling out of control after all.

A graph from the ICANN report shows the total number of security-threatening domains over time across multiple blocklists.

ICANN has published a report summarizing today the DNS abuses of the last years. Given all the recent attention to DNS abuse (including multiple new organizations formed to deal with it), the report draws a startling conclusion: DNS abuse appears to be going down.

CEO Göran Marby previewed this data at the recent ICANN meeting when he showed one of the graphs, and Internet Commerce Association General Counsel Zak Muscovitch and I discuss it on the podcast. of the next week.

The ICANN report points out that many DNS abuse snapshots are just that: snapshots. When you look at longer-term DNS abuse recorded based on blocklists, the numbers go down. This includes both the raw number of domains and normalized data based on the number of registered domains.

A significant portion of the drop is due to Spamhaus reporting fewer spam domains.

Of course, you can slice and dice the data however you like to show whatever you want. Limit the period or limit your data providers. Or use a different definition of DNS abuse.

At the same time, I wonder if the mantra for fighting DNS abuse should be “It’s bad, but it’s getting better”.