I felt the need to become an expert in the field even after 25 years in the business ecosystem,” says upGrad learner Dr. Ramesh Kumar

Bangalore: Dr. Ramesh Kumar, an upGrad learner from India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, is a distinctive example of how a seasoned professional approaches LifeLongLearning. Having worked in the business ecosystem for approximately 25 years through diverse roles and as a mentor, leadership coach, visiting professor and board advisor, he has now earned one of the most Graduates – Global Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with upGrad partner university Swiss School of Business and Management, Geneva.

Certified Leadership Coach, Dr. Kumar in his previous corporate tenures has been at senior management level for several years, leading and transforming businesses into growth mode in India and abroad. Focused on leadership development, Dr. Kumar has spent years working with India Inc.’s finest generation of leaders and groomed them to become visionaries in their respective fields. He has also led global teams of approximately 5,000 people and trained them to drive real business results.

Although he is gifted and has worn many hats in different fields, Dr. Ramesh felt the need to go further. “I felt the urge to become a domain expert even after 25 years in the business ecosystem,” Dr. Kumar said.

Upon completion of his program, he converted his research paper into a book under the same title, “Cost of Poor Leadership.” “Honestly, to become ‘Doctor’ and enjoy ‘Dr.’ prefix before my name was on my bucket list. Combining my years of experience with research to create an impactful result has always been a compelling reason for me and upGrad was indeed a smart move. Overall faculty support and the learning support I received during the program were really the positives. Although the journey of research was interesting and exploratory, the satisfaction of having succeeded in creating something unique that could also guiding future researchers is extremely rewarding,” he added.

Mayank Kumar, Co-Founder and MD, upGrad added, “There is a common misconception that learning stops once you graduate and spend several years with an organization. Even companies around the world need innovative leaders who can anticipate business challenges and solve them with research-driven solutions. Therefore, Dr. Kumar’s journey is an encouragement to millions of such proven professionals, who want to become experts in their chosen field but have parked the idea for a future date.

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