How to Unlock the Fragment of Childhood Dreams Estate in Genshin Impact

The domain of the fragment of childhood dreams is one of the secrets of the Sumeru region Genshin Impact.

Sumeru is full of places with dendroculus to find, chests to open, and estates to complete. These dungeon-like challenges are a great way to earn important materials and even Primogems to make a wish in Genshin Impact! However, finding and entering certain areas is a feat in itself.

Since Fragment of childhood dreams is a hidden domain you may want to find, we have prepared this guide showing the domain locationthe puzzle solutionand what are the rewards it offers.

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Fragment of the Childhood Dreams domain location in Genshin Impact

The first step to finding the location of this domain is to drain the water in an area north of Pardis Dhyai and west of Yazadaha Pool.

Taking the Statue of Seven near the area as a reference, head northeast until you find a pillar with a four-leaf seal on top. You will find yourself near a waterfall. Jump and slide down to the opening where the water is coming from.

On the right side of the location, defeat the enemies to be able to interact with the mechanism. By doing so, the water level will decrease and a Seelie will appear. Follow it through the water until you enter a cave whose entrance is at the end of this area of ​​water. As you will be spending a lot of time swimming, it is important to be careful not to drown.

Fragment of Childhood Dreams Domain puzzle solution in Genshin Impact

Solving the puzzle to reach the domain is easy, but it may freeze you for a while. Your main objective is to light up four Dendro totems to unlock a mechanism in the center of the room. After following the Seelie, you’ll be in a cave where you’ll find one of the usual vine-covered rocks that stick up when touched by Dendro. Below there is a dendrograna branch.

The first thing you have to do then is to destroy the two rocks with a green symbol that is near the dendrograna branch. One hides one of the Totems, while the other blocks a passage. Get the dendrograna and use a charged attack on them.

Follow the path then use the four-leaf seal to reach another part of the room. You will find a totem in the lower part of where you are. Hit it with a dendro skill. After that, head to your right and you will see a small bandit camp in front of a locked door by a green field. To enter, you have to climb the wall to the left of the door to a small hole. Once inside the area, hit the totem to dispel the field.

You can now return to where you destroyed the first two rocks and activate the first totem you found. You can then collect the dendrograna once more and go to the center of the room where the blocked mechanism is. There is a rock with a green symbol in the upper area next to it. Destroy it and you will find the last totem.

Once the mechanism is free, you can interact with it, draining all the water from the lower level and giving you access to a floor with some enemies and a new mechanism. Kill them all, use the mechanism to open a door and follow the new path. You will inevitably come to a part where there is only one large opening and many pillars down. Jump and glide to one of the pillars with a floating green target.

You will be in front of the domain entrance, but it remains to be opened. All you have to do is get the dendrograna from a branch right next to the entrance and shoot the green target on the nearest pillar.

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Genshin Impact Fragment of Childhood Dreams rewards explained

Completing this area gives you great rewards, but only the first time you complete it.

Coming out victorious will give you:

  • 40 Primogems
  • 500 XP
  • 5 Dendro’s Seal
  • Gamer feather accessory
  • 3 Teaching ingenuity
  • 2 Hero’s Spirit
  • 4 Mystical Enhancement Ore
  • 30000 More

Now get ready and go get these amazing rewards!