How to Complete the Vision II: Farsight – Domain of Istan Collection in Guild Wars 2

The Domain of Istan map in Guild Wars 2 holds many treasures, from Map Meta events to the various rewards you get for completing them. Players also know that the Domain of Istan has many different mastery points to earn, all of which help level up your character and provide access to advanced skills beyond level 80. To complete crafting the Legendary Jewel, Vision , players must travel to and interact with the various mastery points on the Istan Domain map. This guide will explain which Insight Points you can interact with and where they are.

How to Complete the Vision II: Farsight Collection – Domain of Istan

You will need to kneel at Mastery Insight Points to get the buff. You must stay in the emote until the meditation buff wears off, otherwise it won’t count towards achievement completion. You can kneel by typing /kneel in the chat box to activate the emote.

Istan Insight: Pillar of the Infidels

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This Mastery Insight Point is located closest to the Champion’s Dawn Waypoint. Head south along the river. You’ll need to use a Griffon, Springer, or Skyscale to reach this Insight at the top of the pillar. It is easily identifiable thanks to the many wooden spacers that come out of it.

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Istan Insight: Colossus of Palawadan

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This Mastery Insight Point is again the easiest to reach since the Champion’s Dawn Waypoint. The Insight is atop a massive statue of Joko. You’ll either have to approach this from above or fight your way up from the bottom of the statue.

Istan Insight: Flickering Skies

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This mastery preview is located closest to the Astralarium Waypoint. You will need to head east from the Waypoint, towards the Privateer Flotilla. Be aware that there are many enemies around, so you’ll either have to be very sneaky or fight your way through them. The Mastery Insight is located inside the Alehounds Airship.