How pre-warming an email domain prevents your emails from entering the spam folder

If your emails end up in spam folders, you’re missing a critical customer contact and risking reputational damage. The answer may lie in warming up an email domain.

A NYC-area business technology consultant and email deliverability expert explains how warming up an email domain prevents marketing emails from ending up in spam folders a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website. The informative article first explains why warming up an email domain is necessary to avoid appearing suspicious to spam filters.

The author then discusses the basic steps to prepare an email domain, such as planning the preparation period and two or three weeks of manual email sending, followed by small automated campaigns. She also urges readers to watch email deliverability in every campaign. She concludes by sharing seven tips for successfully warming up an email domain.

“If your emails end up in spam folders, you’re missing a critical customer contact and risking reputational damage,” said Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO of eMazzanti Technologies. “The answer may lie in warming up an email domain.”

Here are some excerpts from the article, “How pre-warming an email domain prevents your emails from entering the spam folder.”

Why is warming up an email domain necessary?

“Spam filters look suspiciously at emails from a new domain. This can also apply to emails from a new dedicated IP address in a trusted domain. If the filters suddenly see a large number of emails from a new domain, they are likely to consider them spam and reject them.”

“Bounced messages have a negative impact on the company’s email reputation. Other factors can also damage an email’s reputation. These include spam complaints, lack of engagement, invalid email addresses, authentication issues, and third-party blocklist. As with any reputation, an email reputation takes a long time to build and not at all to destroy. »

Basic steps to follow

“The first step is obviously to register a new domain for outgoing email. But before you send email from the new domain, take some time to plan the warm-up. Keep in mind that you should spend several weeks preparing an email domain before launching a campaign. Take at least four weeks. Experts recommend eight to twelve weeks.

“Once you’ve set up the new email address, send a few manual emails (no automated email yet) to recipients you know. This can include friends, colleagues, and other people whose you know they’ll open the emails.Try sending to multiple email providers, such as Outlook and Gmail.Send real messages and ask recipients to respond.

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