How a Twitter user sold a web domain for $500,000 to a crypto exchange, making him a profit of 3,124,900%


  • Crypto Twitter member @cryptofelon shared how he bought a website domain for $16 and then sold it for $500,000 to a crypto exchange.
  • He bought the domain in 2017 and sold it in September 2021, making a profit of 3,124,900%
  • @cryptofelon was initially offered $500, then $200,000
  • But he insisted he wanted 10 Bitcoin (BTC), which cost between $435,000 and $450,000 at the time.

There are several known ways to do this in the crypto-verse. Known methods include trading, early investment in projects and NFTs, and holding Bitcoin for several years.

Selling Crypto Web Domains Could Be Profitable, Too

However, a member of the crypto-twitter community, @cryptofelon, shared how he made a profit of 3,124,900% selling a crypto-related website domain to a multi-billion dollar crypto exchange after saying its representatives “to kick rocks”.

In his story which can be found in the Twitter thread below, @cryptofelon tells how he bought said website domain for $16 and would later sell it for half a million dollars.

He owned the Crypto domain for 4 years

To begin with, he purchased the web domain in 2017 alongside other similar domains that have garnered buyer interest over the years. However, this one caught the eye of a persistent buyer who sent him an offer of $500 through the GoDaddy broker team. @cryptofelon quickly replied that he wanted 10 Bitcoin (BTC) for the site hoping “that would be the end of it”.

A week later, he was offered $200,000, a 400-fold increase over the original offer. But he ignored the offer, stating the following:

But that’s not what I asked. I wanted 10 bitcoins, and I was going to get 10 bitcoins.

And so, I ignored the offer. I turned down $200,000 – for a domain that only cost me $16. a profit of 12,500x. I knew my worth. They came back a few days later.

Cryptofelon refused the $200,000, which the broker was not very happy about, telling him he would probably lose everything. But @cryptofelon held firm and its initial price of 10 Bitcoin (BTC). He said:

They REALLY didn’t like it [10 Bitcoin]. Sent me a novel. Neglected my domain. I tried to shame myself for the reckless maneuver I was trying to make.

After that, radio silence. no answer. I waited. I had waited 4 years to sell this domain. I could wait longer.

And a week later, I finally reached out. I wanted 10 bitcoins, and to be honest, 10 bitcoins was cheaper than when I asked for $500,000…

And then I got it. $435,000. from $500 -> $200,000 -> $350,000 I have now traded a $16 domain for $435,000. I had done it.

[Feature image courtesy of Unsplash]