Genshin Impact: Wind Chaser Domain Guide

Each Genshin Impact The release always comes with new events to keep the game alive. Sometimes they would be brand new, while other times the event would be a sequel to the older ones. Examples of recurring events are Hyakunin Ikki, Wind Chaser, and Theater Mechanicus.

Added to the list is the Wind Chaser event at Genshin Impact. This one is a continuation of Divine Ingenuity, but unlike the older event, players don’t have the freedom to create their own realms here. Day 4 of the Wind Chaser event includes an area with a new mechanic and a puzzle to solve, and here’s a quick guide to completing it.


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How to solve Wind Chaser Domain Day 4 in Genshin Impact

Wind Chaser Day 4 comes with a new Genshin Impact mechanism called galelieur. This gadget can be activated by pressing J (for PC), and it works like a on/off switch for nearby wind current mechanisms. This Galebinder will be the main feature of the Day 4 estate.

Wind Grapple Challenge #1

For the first Windgrasper Challenge of Day 4 of the Wind Chaser Estate, simply circle the platform. To avoid interruptions, turn off the wind current when you step onto the red platform, then turn it back on to walk on the green ones. Remember that the Galebinder can turn wind currents on and off.

The red platform will lower after being stepped on, while the green platform will lower if the wind current is disabled.

Wind Grapple Challenge #2

The second Windshaper challenge consists of four wind current mechanisms. Move the three on the right side to hit the nearest pillar, while the left one should be set to blow air upwards. Players will need to use an updraft to reach the highest mechanism.

Once ready, pick up Anemo particles to begin the challenge and soar using the upwind current. In this challenge, certain mobile platforms can be activated once players have reached them.

  • The white arrows are the way to climb and take the Anemo particles
  • The white circles are the mechanisms
  • The small orange arrows are the moving platforms

Wind Grapple Challenge #3

Once players reach the third Windgrasper challenge, immediately stop the mechanisms since it facilitates the process of moving forward.

Choose from turn right for the wind current to hit the nearby pillar, then turn right to follow the Anemo particles.

Soon, players will face a stalemate. Now just use the Galebinder to activate the wind current. This will tilt the platforms, allowing people to jump to the other side.

Once the challenge is complete, create an updraft on the final mechanism and use the Galebinder to reactivate all mechanisms. Players should be able to reach the platform above and continue to the final puzzle.

The last puzzle

Once players have completed all three Windgrasper challenges, they will find a final puzzle between them and the end. From there, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the back of the room where two green platforms are floating.
  2. Turn off the wind current using the Galebinder to bring them down, and climb onto the platform.
  3. Use the Galebinder again to reactivate the wind current, which revives the green platform.
  4. Go to the other side to find a moving blue platform. This allows people to reach the floating gold coins.

There will be an identical puzzle after this one. Follow the same steps by disabling nearby wind currents and then re-enabling them to ascend the green platforms.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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