Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Sun and Rain Coordinate Field

sumeru is a vast region filled with different species of flora and fauna. Although these creatures can be considered treasures, sumeru is dotted with estates filled with chests containing Primogems, More, and other valuable resources. Among these areas is Sun and rain coordinates.

This area is located in the Apam wood. Although you can see it on the world map, to enter it you will first need to complete quests and solve puzzles.

If you are wondering how to enter Sun and rain coordinates and reap the rewards, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll tell you how to solve the puzzles along the way!

How to Unlock Sun and Rain Coordinates

Unlock Sun and rain coordinatesyou must first fill in the Varuna Gatha series of quests or take the last part of the series. This part will have you jumping into a hole in an island at Apam wood. This is your starting point to reach the domain.

Credit: HoYoverTheClic

In the underground area (unlocked towards the end of the Varuna Gatha series of quests), follow the path to where the estate is on the map. You will find that it is locked behind a Dendro fence.

To open this barrier, you must first activate the Dendro monument nearby using Dendro attacks or charged attacks imbued with Dendrograne. This will cause a Dendro Track appear.

Genshin Impact - Coordinates of Sun and Rain - Apam Woods - Dendro Barrier and Dendro Monument - Zhongli
Credit: HoYovere, TheClick

Follow the trail until you find a Dendrograne which is not lit. Here, use your Vintage lyre and play growth ratea song you can learn from Rhythm that feeds germs quest after discovering the hidden song of the Sumeru Roses. This will light it up and allow you to summon a In good health Dendrograne.

Genshin Impact - The Coordinates of Sun and Rain - Apam Wood - Healthy Dendrogranum - Ayaka
Credit: HoYovere, TheClick

While wearing the healthy dendrogranumgo back to the Dendro’s Barrier and hit it Ring of Dendro floating above the Dendro monument with a charged attack. The barrier will be removed and you can now explore Sun and rain coordinates.

Genshin Impact - Coordinates of Sun and Rain - Apam Woods - Hit Dendro's ring with a charged attack while carrying a healthy Dendrogranum - Diona
Credit: HoYovere, TheClick

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