Genshin Impact ‘Altar of Mirages’ Domain Unlock Guide

Altar of Mirages is a unique new area of ​​completion added with Genshin Impact update 3.1, which brought with it the vast new desert region west of Sumeru, the Archon story continuation, new characters and weapons to collect, and several new Lands to Conquer, like the Garden of Endless Pillars.

Domains are a great way to test your strength and earn valuable rewards in Genshin Impact, including the Primogems needed to make wishes. However, many areas require you to solve a puzzle to enter. Altar of Mirages is only slightly different in this respect, with players having to complete a series of world quests before gaining access to this underground challenge.

If you’re wandering around the desert and having trouble finding the Mirage Altar realm, worry no more! Here’s how to find the Altar of Mirages realm, how to complete the Behind the Illusionary Curtain challenge, and the generous rewards for doing so.

Where is the Domaine de l’Autel des Mirages located?

The Altar of Mirages can be found in the center of the new desert region of Sumeru, under King Deshret’s Mausoleum in a hidden area known as the Khemenu Temple. The map marker for this realm is certainly misleading to say the least, as many players would correctly assume that the realm is hidden on the surface of the sand dunes of Sumeru. However, the Mirage Altar is actually hidden even deeper. As long as the marker is visible to all, the location of the estate itself in the Temple of Khemenu will be inaccessible unless prerequisite quests have been completed which give access to this area under the dunes.

However, the Domaine de l’Autel des Mirages is accessible from a hidden location Warp Point in Khemenu Temple. This teleport point is only accessible via progression through the Golden Sleep World quest, and you will need to have Completed the quest step The Secret of Al-Ahmar to be able to complete the puzzle to unlock the domain. You’ll know you’ve found the right place when you find yourself in the ruins of an ancient temple.

Genshin Impact The sealed door that must be opened using the Scarlet Sand Slate in the right chamber of Khemenu Temple.

How to complete the puzzle to unlock the “Altar of Mirages” area

Unlike the Garden of Endless Pillars realm, Altar of Mirages does not require players to solve a traditional puzzle to access it. Instead, Khemenu Temple has many locked doors that can only be opened through a new security clearance mechanism unique to this location. Players must have completed several prerequisite quests to acquire and upgrade the Scarlet Sand Slate which can be used to access the area and allow interaction with the sealed door.


  • Reach and complete the quest “The Secret of Al-Ahmar” in the Golden Slumber World quest chain

Start by going to the Khemenu Temple teleport point. Head west until you reach a large room with four flaming braziers at the top of a small set of stairs. Go up the stairs and head to the right side of the room where you will find a door leading to another room. Proceed through this room past the fallen pillar to find the sealed door blocking access to the Mirage Altar area. This is the same room in which an introduction to inner archaeology, the second quest in the Golden Slumber World quest chain, takes place.

Next to the door should be a small interactive blue panel known as the Secret Rites Pedestal. Interact with this mechanism by using your upgraded Scarlet Sand Slate to open the locked door leading to the Mirage Altar realm.

Once the door is open, finding the Estate is easy! Slip through the hole in the door and the entrance to the estate should be behind you at the top of a flight of stairs. Interact with the estate to unlock the Altar of Mirages estate and the Behind the Illusionary Curtain challenge.

Genshin Impact Some of the arch enemies you will face in the Altar of Mirages - Behind the Illusionary Curtain challenge.

Behind the challenge of the illusory curtain

The Behind the Illusionary Curtain Trial itself, accessible in The Domain, is at the more difficult end of The Domain’s difficulty scale, requiring players to defeat 18 Eremites. These enemies come in small waves, and the final waves are surprisingly tough! Be ready for a fight!

Beware of some enemies that spawn with effects, identifiable by the elemental ring around their feet. These enemies are significantly more dangerous and should be dealt with accordingly. In the last wave there will also be a new enemy, an Eremite Galehunter. Galehunters will enter an infused form after taking a certain amount of damage, summoning an Anemo bird called Wind Glede to aid them. Prioritize defeating the Glede, as this will cause the Galehunter to be debuffed for a short time, giving you an opportunity to deal heavy damage.

Genshin Impact An overview of the Behind the Illusionary Curtain challenge and completion rewards.

What are the rewards of the “Altar of Mirages – Behind the Illusionary Curtain” domain?

The Altar of Mirages is an interesting challenge for the time spent completing the prerequisite quests to access and emerge victorious from the trial of the domain.

Completing the domain itself for the first time offers significant rewards:

  • 500x Adventure XP
  • 30,000x Mora
  • 40x Primogem
  • 4x Mystical Enhancement Ore
  • 2x Hero’s Spirit
  • 1x Golden Dreams (artifact)
  • 2x Guide to Praxis (Talent Level Material)
  • 5x Dendro’s Sigil

It should be noted, however, that the rewards granted by the Domain of the Altar of Mirages are only awarded to the first achievement. Although the domain can be challenged again at any time, you will no longer receive rewards.