Farnborough 2022: Inzpire offers multi-domain operational training

Inzpire took advantage of the Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) from July 18 to 22 to display its multi-domain operational training system.

A proof-of-concept platform, shown at Farnborough, uses Plexus Ascot 7 as the main feature generator. The software allows the construction of satellite constellations in the virtual world and features air, land and sea elements, including surface, underground and cyber effects.

“The system allows us to watch everything from satellites to these areas. Then we can zoom directly into individual soldiers or individual helicopters. Dan Simmons, head of Inzpire’s training and collective services business unit, told reporters at an FIA press briefing.

Inzpire’s helicopter crew or UAS crew trainer simulators can all be scenario-linked, allowing for multi-domain training activity.

Using Bohemia’s VBS4, the system can generate tactical level operations and trainees can participate in these scenarios on various devices. Everything that happens in this tactical environment is then fed back to HQ so that commanders can review the data and get a better view of the tactical level. This can improve C2 operations.

Inzpire will work with 22 Squadron over the next nine months to develop a prototype deployable MR simulator for

shooting at the air gate. (Photo: Inspire)

Inzpire plans to carry out a full product demonstration at the end of September 2022 at Cody Park, Farnborough. This will be the complete system with all white force activities, full exercise design and delivery activity.

The company will also showcase a collection of their simulators and how they will connect to this system.

Inzpire also exhibited its UAS Compact Agile Simulation Equipment (CASE) operator training system at the FIA.

“Everyone is trying to push for more and more simulations as opposed to live training and there’s a need to be able to simulate complex battlespaces, which is quite challenging,” said subject matter expert Steven Pook. of Inzpire CASE. Shephard.

Mobile CASE systems are easily portable, allowing training of UAS operators even if they are deployed or fulfilling a carrier battle group or other maritime roles.

The SAGE project team will undertake an initial design period, followed by a construction and acceptance testing phase. (Photo: Norbert Neuman)

In early 2022, the Latvian Air Force (LAF) commissioned a five-week UAS and ISR course divided into five weeks, the first two being physical UAS flights.

“Weeks three and four were classroom training with the ISR division at Inzpire, so they did all the tactical deployment considerations and planning considerations for the classroom system,” Pook said.

Over the past week, a configured version of CASE has been used to cement the learning of the previous four weeks.

Inzpire will also develop a prototype deployable MR air gunnery simulator over the next nine months for the UK MoD’s Defense and Security Accelerator.

The program is called Synthetic Aviation Gunnery Equipment (SAGE) and the company will work closely with the crew of 22 Squadron (the Joint Helicopter Command operational test and platform evaluation squadron)

over the next nine months to develop the system.

The SAGE project team will undertake an initial design period, followed by a build and acceptance test phase before a series of system tests, demonstrations and development. Each phase will last approximately three months.