Fake domain name service Aptos promoted on Twitter

Vladislav Sopov

Here’s why you should double-check “promoted” products on Twitter before connecting your wallets


  • Scam: No, you can’t get Aptos domain name for $8
  • The “Solana killer” once again targeted by sophisticated scams

Generally, mainstream search engines and social media platforms are very cautious about running crypto-related ad campaigns. Here’s why, in some cases, this approach seems the best.

Scam: No, you can’t get Aptos domain name for $8

Today, November 21, 2022, a promotional campaign was launched on Twitter to announce an account promoting a website offering domain names from Aptos Domain Name Service. It announces that the newly launched Aptos DNS is offering its customers the “.apt” domain name for only 2 APTs (about $8.19 per press hour).

Scammers impersonate Aptos DNS
Picture via Twitter

The crooks operate a website that closely mimics the original Aptos DNS page. However, it operates under a different name and uses slightly different fonts for its interface.

Even the demo code in the Docs section of the fake site is stolen from the original one: the crooks failed to correct the URL details, so their documentation redirects users’ API requests to a regular website.

On Monday, this ad campaign bypassed Twitter’s pre-moderation system and is presented to users of the platform interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, the real Aptos DNS spear with the Aptos network itself in mid-October.

The “Solana killer” once again targeted by sophisticated scams

Additionally, the original Aptos Labs DNS service does not have a separate Twitter account; its ads are shared through the main Aptos ecosystem account.

Needless to say, the original Aptos DNS website does not offer promotional campaigns with “limited discounts” and exclusive prices for “three accounts only”.

As previously reported by U.Today, this is not the first time that Aptos (APT) enthusiasts have been targeted by fraudulent promotional campaigns. Besides primitive “airdrops”, scammers distribute alerts about suspected hacks of the Aptos blockchain (APT).

However, the over-hyped “Solana killer” has never been hacked.