Reports Strong Q1 Sales, But Down From Q4 – Domain Name Wire

The company processed $130 million in domain transactions in the first year of 2022. has released its Q1 Domain Investment Index (pdf). The company handles many confidential domain sales that you’ve never heard of, so the report is a valuable data point for the domain market.

The escrow service processed $130 million in domain name transactions in the first quarter of the year. About $25 million of sales were for websites. The total was down from $158 million in the fourth quarter.

The median price for a domain without content was $5,000, in line with the fourth quarter. This is significantly higher than it has been historically. It could indicate that domain values ​​are increasing, but it could also mean that people are using alternatives to for cheap sales. It’s probably a combination of both.

The median price for four-character .com domain names rose to $11,225 in Q1 2022 from $7,250 in Q4 2021. This is the highest price on record in Escrow’s charts, which date from 2014.

Escrow also reports median prices for five- and six-letter domains, but I suspect these are influenced by words rather than common acronyms in four-letter domains. There were no sales of 2, 3 or 4 number domains.