Epik CEO Says Masterbucks Will Return Soon With Updates – Domain Name Wire

Customers cannot currently withdraw funds from Epik’s payment system.

Epik has taken its Masterbucks payment platform, which acts as a form of in-store credit, offline for maintenance. The company says it should be back online on October 10 and withdrawals will not be available until then.

Brian Royce, Epik’s new CEO, told Domain Name Wire that changes were needed to improve the system.

“The software was, in my opinion…it had issues that I really wanted to fix,” he said. “I don’t fly by the seat of my pants; I am very specific. There are a few issues with the software that I immediately identified, and my knowledge of computer engineering and accounting wouldn’t pass that up. So I wanted to fix those things.

For example, he said that some payments required manual intervention rather than automatic passage.

The changes coincide with a data center migration, which adds complexity.

Customers on NamePros started complaining about being unable to withdraw funds about a week ago.

Royce said Masterbucks is a big part of Epik’s future and he plans to turn Masterbucks into a competitor to Paypal.

Unrelated to Masterbucks, Royce reiterated views on free speech that were in the Press release announcing his appointment as CEO. Royce said he was a big supporter of free speech.

“I view Epik as a utility provider, just like Verizon,” he explained. “We provide a utility. You could call me on the phone and say horrible things that I find repugnant, and Verizon won’t cut your phone line. It is freedom of expression. The same is true on the Internet, or should be.

Royce said he was comfortable with Epik providing services to controversial bands. “We’re not far to the right; we are far from everything,” he said. He said the company would work with Antifa or the late Larry Flynt, for example. Generally speaking, he draws his line on people who take or hurt others.

Commenting on the future of Epik, Royce said his goal is to make it one of the top five registrars. “I composed it and I can’t wait to see it all through,” he said.