don’t miss! new Australian “.au” domain names available now

The release of Australian “.au” domain names is a long overdue change for businesses in the country. In August 2020, we discussed the release of Australia’s new “.au” domain and what it means for existing and new businesses. Finally, the time has come and it’s over with the old “” and with the publicly available “.au” as they begin the publishing process.

On March 24, 2022, the Australian “.au” domain registration system went live, opening up a six-month priority period for certain existing domain name registrants. If you currently own a “”, “”, “” or similar Australian domain name, you have until September 20, 2022 to file a “priority request”, allowing you to obtain the “.au” name before anyone else.

What if someone else has complained?

You may not be the only one filing a priority application – if multiple people are filing a priority application (i.e. company A owns the “” and company B owns the “”), they can have the same priority. In the event of competing claims, priority will be decided in accordance with the “.au” rules to determine which request will be accepted. These disputes can become quite complex, which is why we recommend that you consult a domain name expert to help you acquire the “.au” domain name.

If you don’t act by September 20, 2022, then anyone can secure the “.au” domain as long as they follow the existing rules (the main one being that it must be an Australian company).

What happens if I don’t claim priority?

If you don’t claim priority, you risk someone else doing so, or someone else grabbing the domain as soon as it goes public before you do. This could lead unsuspecting consumers to visit your competitor’s website instead of yours.