Domain-U Announces Next Generation Training Platforms for the Hybrid Workforce

The unprecedented change in worker attitudes, behaviors and expectations in this next phase of life with Covid has forced companies to demand new solutions.

The hybrid future of work is bright. Join us on the good side!

For 3 years an Austin company, Domain-U, has quietly developed the next generation of training platforms for the hybrid workforce. “When we started we didn’t know Covid was coming and nobody was calling it the ‘hybrid workforce’ back then,” says John Hartigan, CEO of Domain-U. “We just knew there had to be a better way to train a decentralized workforce and that’s what we set out to do and are doing now.”

The unprecedented change in worker attitudes, behaviors and expectations in this next phase of life with Covid has literally compelled companies to demand new solutions. For the first time in history, the virtual formation is no longer in the back seat, it drives the bus. The problem for companies is that most products on the market have been built as rear seats. “Domain-U is designed to drive,” says Hartigan passionately.

Confluent Medical Technologies accepts, recently signing a multi-year corporate contract to reinvigorate its training process for its rapidly growing global workforce. “Domain-U’s interactive video-on-demand platform gives us the flexibility to create short, impactful trainings for a mobile device on the manufacturing site as a refresher, and intensive multi-screen sessions of larger format in the office, conference room, or at home,” said Richard Brown, senior vice president of quality and regulatory, Confluent Medical Technologies.

Jon Cholak, Managing Director of Adit Ventures, said: “The evolution of the workforce from an on-premises model to a hybrid model requires an evolution of the training tools needed to equip employees with the skills and appropriate certifications. Legacy training methods such as static presentations and videos with limited interaction have insufficient effectiveness; next-generation training tools must be comprehensive, effective, and empower employees. Domain-U’s platform achieves these goals and we are excited about their continued growth. »

Medical device, building materials, trade school and soon heavy equipment organizations are using the platform to train on everything from general integration topics to manufacturing quality, compliance, systems software and even training on products and services that focus on understanding and harnessing the emotional. motivation and connection of the product with the buyer.

Another step into the future are so-called “verifiable digital credentials” or portable digital work documents that workers keep in digital wallets on their phones and can be quickly verified via blockchain. . Domain-U is the first training platform to deliver these credentials through the Velocity blockchain ecosystem which is also used by the biggest names in HR technology, such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, Jobvite and many more. others.

“The hybrid future of work is bright and we’re excited to be at the forefront,” says Hartigan. “Join us on the good side!”

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About Domain-U

Domain-U provides a complete on-demand virtual training solution with a “hands-on” interactive training environment and expert video content that works seamlessly with any application or interface facilitating “active learning”. Active learning accelerates productivity by 50%. Domain-U is specifically designed for organizational training, accelerating productivity and reducing turnover.

About CEO John Hartigan

John T Hartigan recently won the Education 2.0 Award for Outstanding Leadership (Technology). John has founded and led several startups and early growth projects to successful exits by identifying market value gaps, matching innovative technology solutions. Early in the ATM technology curve, he started Hartigan ATM and built a network of ATMs across California and Arizona, later selling to Marathon ATM/Cord Financial. He then launched Mobile Cloth®, a CPG brand capitalizing on the explosion in the growth of touchscreen devices, distributing to over 30 countries, then selling to the Clouser Group. For the past seven years, he has focused on learning technologies and practical business applications of blockchain. As CEO of Intiva Health, he launched “Ready Doc”, the first decentralized (blockchain) application for continuing education and accreditation of healthcare providers. John has held C-level positions in private and public companies and is frequently invited to speak around the world to share and discuss the practical impact of information technology. John sits on the board of the Round Rock Area Serving Center, a community food pantry and financial relief organization that serves more than 60,000 people each year. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California Polytechnic University, Pomona and currently resides in the greater Austin, Texas area.

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