Domain Stocks Have a Tough Year – Domain Name Wire

…but some beat the market.

It’s been a wild year for asset prices, and stocks of domain name-related companies are no exception.

Domain companies are technology companies, so the best comparison is the NASDAQ, which is down 32% since the start of yesterday’s close. Broader markets are down about 18%.

Here’s how domain companies fared from the close at the end of last year to yesterday’s close:

SiloName (PNK: URLOF) down 6% – This is a very lightly traded stock

CentralNic (London: AIM) down 7% – CentralNic’s advertising business helps grow fast. He was rewarded with a slight drop in the share price this year.

GoDaddy (NYSE:GDDY) down 12% – It beats the market despite a double-digit stock decline and currency challenges.

Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) down 29% – The base of .com domain names has shrunk, but the company is benefiting from price increases on each .com registered or renewed.

Tucows (NASDAQ:TCX) down 46% – His domain business is stagnant but losing money. It continues to reinvest in fiber and its telecommunications billing technology.

Clarivate (NYSE:CLVT) down 61% – This stack of IP technology will no longer be on the list because it is sell its MarkMonitor domain division.