Domain extensions may be the downfall of Jujutsu Kaisen

An aspect of the Jujutsu Kaisen series that sets it apart from the rest is its unique Cursed Energy power system. Such a system archetype has rarely, if ever, been used before author and illustrator Gege Akutami’s series, further helping Jujutsu Kaisen to stand out from the mass of new-gen series.

As the Cursed Energy power system evolved and new abilities were introduced, Domain Extensions became one of the system’s most popular abilities among fans. They found them even more fascinating as the early stages of the story progressed and more were introduced.

However, as the story progressed, domain extensions became more complicated overall. Follow this article explaining why domain extensions, as they progress, can end up being Jujutsu Kaisen fall.

Underexplained and overly complicated domain extensions can bring Jujutsu Kaisen ruin

@ExladesR It was hype at first, then it got overused, so I didn’t care anymore Domain extension >>>>>>>>

A domain extension serves as a metaphysical manifestation of a cursed technique user’s innate realm that is built via cursed energy. A barrier wall is used to trap anyone a user wants to target inside, the wall being extremely difficult to break from the inside out. Conversely, since barriers are meant to hold people back, they can be easily breached from the outside.

Domain extensions are the supreme ability of any wizard, being something that can fully integrate a user’s cursed technique. When done successfully, it gives the domain a no-miss clause for the user’s cursed technique, which means that anything within a domain extension not only can but will be hit by the technique of the user.

As more and more domain extensions have been introduced, their power has only increased. Kinji Hakari’s Domain Extension is a perfect example of this, as he can recast his extension infinitely when he gets the slot rolls he needs. Like the actual game, its domain extension also has many modifiers and special rules to help increase its odds.

#jjk178 #jjk178spoilers #jjkspoilers So how long before people decide domain extensions are lame because of how many times we’ve seen this arc? “It’s too common now 🥴”

While fans love Hakari’s domain extension, many feel that adding so many extensions has ruined its novelty. Domain extensions were initially reserved for the strongest characters in the series, such as Sukuna, Satoru Gojo, and Jogo the Cursed Spirit.

Characters such as Suguru Geto and Kento Nanami’s lack of domain expansion also helped demonstrate that even without one of their own, they could still fight many on equal footing. Simultaneously, Megumi Fushiguro’s achievement of a domain extension (albeit incomplete) underscored what an accomplishment this is for her young age.

Since then, however, it seems that almost every character in the series is getting their own domain extension. Hiromi Higuruma, Takako Uro, Ryu Ishigori, Yuta Okkotsu, Hajime Kashimo, Naoya Zenin, and Rokujushi Miyo have all been shown or said to have one since Megumi’s introduction.

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In the cases of Uro, Ishigori, and Okkotsu, all three were shown to be able to activate the Domain Extensions, but this was quickly cut short before any of the three were explained. While Okkotsu’s will likely be expanded upon in the future, it seems the events of Uro and Ishigori activating their domain extensions have since been left out of the story for good.

Fans are currently notified of two domain extensions, but no further information is available. Everything from their appearances to the conditions implemented in them will likely never be developed into the canonical mainline. Jujutsu Kaisen series.

Higuruma is also an exceptional case, being able to learn how to use his non-lethal domain extension in just one week. This was achieved through the removal of the unmissable attack factor, highlighting how powerful Satoru Gojo is and the potential of Megumi Fushiguro.

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However, it also raises a problem that anyone can technically achieve a domain extension in a short period of time if they leave aside the technique of success. While many of Jujutsu Kaisen Extensions would probably be crippled without this key support system, there is the possibility that some could work well without it.

So the problem becomes how to scale these rushed domain extensions versus the more polished ones seen throughout. Jujutsu Kaisen. Also, with the simplicity of a basic domain extension, it looks like Akutami will have to find a way to prevent characters from having one rather than justifying the strength of the user.

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