Cybersquatting cases are down…down? – Domain name thread

Nominet reports record number of cases filed.

Cybersquatting disputes in the .uk namespace are fading away. Graph from the Nominet report.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) publishes annual data on the number of cybersquatting cases under the UDRP, usually reporting record numbers of cases.

But that can be misleading. There are many organizations that handle cases under UDRP. Due to forum shopping, you must visit all forums to decide these cases.

Also, the raw numbers registered do not take into account the number of registered domains. The number of registered domains continues to grow and hundreds of new top-level domains have been introduced over the past decade.

Looking at a single top-level domain in which all cases are handled by a single organization might better represent the prevalence of cybersquatting.

Nominet, the organization that manages the .uk namespace (including domains), said today that cybersquatting cases in .uk are at a historically lownot an absolute record.

Last year, entities filed just 548 cases under the .uk dispute resolution policy, and only 43% of those resulted in a domain transfer. This is despite the fact that Nominet’s policy is more complainant-friendly than the UDRP, as it only requires domain registration. or used in bad faith, not registered and used in bad faith. Also, with the introduction of .uk second level domains, you would expect that number to increase, not decrease.

So maybe the headlines screaming that cybersquatting business is on the rise might be a little misleading.