Celebrus bridges data gaps between domains

Anti-fraud software and comprehensive solutions company, Famous announced the launch of an upgrade to its advanced technology suite. According to the company, Celebrus 9.6 is a pioneering innovation in the market that solves the gap between domains in data. The solution allows visitors to navigate between domains while simultaneously maintaining unified data and context sessions under one parent company.

“It has never been more important and challenging to maintain a single customer view of your digital presence in a compliant way. Other vendors will claim they can bring value here, but they are not being honest with their customers. Celebrus has delivered on a promise to the market that no one else can,” said Bill Bruno, CEO of the parent company. D4t4 solutions.

Bruno also pointed out that his team’s innovative technology can ensure cross-domain data continuity while remaining fully compliant, which is beneficial for various businesses to handle the difficulty of building a complete customer profile and understanding intent.

For example, a parent company may offer several services, such as car loans, mortgages, savings accounts, or investment options in different areas. The company says Celebrus addresses the problem of linking user identities and actions spanning all industries without compromising or violating privacy and compliance standards.

Some beneficiaries of this feature are banking and finance, as well as insurance, healthcare, retail, and travel. The company claims that server administration, users, and systems management are reduced with this solution. At the same time, administrative inconsistencies have decreased considerably.

The last update is complete Celebrus Customer Data PlatformCelebrus Identity Graph and Fraud Data Platform provide an individual identity to capture clickstream data, from personal information to engagement across multiple sessions, platforms, and domains.

Four key areas are also included in the update:

  • Advances in design and user experience

  • Globally Compliant Security

  • System apps and activations

  • Improved data insights and results

Celebrus collects real-time data essential to make critical business decisions and improve customer experience because third-party data is outdated and has a long backlog. Additionally, Celebrus says the solution creates a unique, hyper-personalized experience for each customer based on consumer interests and actions.

“We knew there was a huge divide for many data users with the obsolescence of third-party cookies, and we decided to create a solution – something that hadn’t been done before. I’m extremely proud of the dedication of the Celebrus technical team to innovating a viable solution for enterprises,” said Ant Phillips, Chief Technology Officer.

Photo credit: iStockphoto/Orla