Advance Joint Multi-Domain C2 among the 7 Air Force Operational Imperatives

Frank KendallSecretary of the Air Force and three times Wash100 Price winner, said that there are seven operational imperatives for the service branch to modernize to counter emerging threats and challenges and one of them is the need to achieve operational optimization Advanced combat management system and joint command and control of all domainsthe Air Force announced Thursday.

This imperative is the Department of the Air Force’s component of All Domain Joint Command and Control. It is intended to better define and focus DAF’s efforts to improve how we collect, analyze and share information and make operational decisions more effectively than our potential adversaries,” Kendall said Thursday at a symposium.

He stressed that this imperative requires discipline and that the Air Force should focus on investing in improvements “with measurable value and operational impact.”

The other six imperatives Kendall discussed at the event are defining resilient and efficient order of battle and spatial architectures; achieve large-scale moving target engagement in a harsh operating environment; define the B-21 Long Range Strike family of systems; define the Next Generation Air Dominance system of systems; define an optimized resilient base, hold and communications in a contested environment; the readiness of the Department of the Air Force to transition to a wartime posture against a peer competitor.

Air Force Chief of Staff General Charles Brown and Head of Space Operations General John “Jay” Raymondjoined in a fireside chat on Tuesday and noted that while the Air Force and Space Force are two independent services, those branches have similar goals.

We are so intertwined; we depend on each other not only from a basic operational support construct, but also operationally. We couldn’t do what we do as a joint force without the Air Force and the Space Force,” Brown said.

Raymond, a Wash100 Price 2022 Winner, discussed the Space Force partnership with the Air Force and shared his perspective on pending resolutions. He also noted that space has become a combat domain.

Our opponents now have the advantages [in space] we have always appreciated. It’s a different area that required a different approach,” he said.