15 Recent End User Domain Name Sales – Domain Name Wire

Here are some of the end users of domains purchased this week.

Sedo today released last week’s domain sales. There were no blockbuster sales (at least not publicly revealed). The list was led by a two-letter .net domain.

Here is a list of domain name sales that have just ended at Sedo for which I was able to determine an end-user buyer. You can see previous lists like this here.

AN .net $33,000 – Anynet is an Internet proxy service provider.

GreatLake.com $12,500 – Great Lake Strategy says it is “a political engagement agency fighting to fix our system, drive reform and defend our democracy.”

7express.com $11,000 – The website says this will be a new service from Hasti Parcel, a delivery/logistics company.

Punctuation.com $10,000 – This domain redirects to David C Baker website. He bills himself as “the leading authority on positioning, reinventing, and selling businesses in the creative and digital space.” I don’t know why he uses this domain, but he got a good deal.

Gbh.net €9,600 – InfoBam is a French web development store. This domain can be that of a client.

MindCloud.com $9,500 – Zygomatic in the Netherlands is a game publisher. It sounds like the name of a game.

MADStudio.com €7,500 – Mexican architecture and design studio bought this acronym domain.

Wulf.io $6,575 – This domain redirects to the website of NovaWulf, an investment advisor.

Distance-Learning.com €6,500 – SRH Hochschulen GmbH, an educational institution in Germany, purchased this domain. It forwards to mobile-university.de.

MolyCorp.com $4,999 – TruGroup is a rare earth element company. Molycorp is the name of a former mining company that was acquired and renamed. The domain redirects to a page on the TruGroup website that mentions Molycorp.

BlossomUp.com $3,499 – BlossomUp.com will be a new store using Shopify.

GlobalBau.com $3,200 – GlobalBau is a general contractor in Switzerland.

DoleSunshine.de €2,999 – A MarkMonitor customer bought this domain, so probably it’s the company you know for its bananas.

FootballInternet.com $2,799 – A company called Football Internet Limited in Nigeria bought this domain. I can’t find anything about the company.

Skyhubs.com $2,695 – SkyHubs is an urban air mobility company.